January 31 – Chuck

My parents are in town! It isn’t every day that I get to see Mom and Dad Harris, but this weekend they are in town for some appointments on Monday and Tuesday. It is always great to get to see them since it only happens a few times a year, but unfortunately, our place isn’t […]

January 31 – Jamie

Well, I did it.  I went an entire month posting a photo each day.  It’s finally over. My mom and I took the dogs to a spot south of Nanaimo called Cable Bay, and took a long walk in the woods until we ended up by a place called Harmac Pulp Mill.  We were on the […]

January 30 – Jamie

Solo is the other dog my parents picked up in an effort to mellow Aster out by means of “leading by example”.  While I’ll give him credit for helping her calm down a little bit, I’m pretty sure she has made him a bit weirder than he would have normally turned out as a result. […]

January 30 – Chuck

Day 30 – and I promise this will be the last flower shot for a little while. This is a shot that I took on the 28th and thought that it would be a good one to share today. I was looking at the flowers today and debated getting some shots of the tulips now […]

January 29 – Chuck

Day 29 and here is another flower shot for you. I won’t lie, nature photography, outdoors or in studio, is by fair my favourite. There is not a lot to say about this shot other than the obvious –  it is of a rose and shot from the top down. I was a little worried about […]

January 29 – Jamie

One of the cool things about having a father named Mike Weir is that there is a well known golfer with the same name.  Thanks to this, I can feel like there’s a wine named after my old man, and there are never any issues with getting a reservation at a restaurant.  Sure, they may […]

January 28 – Jamie

In addition to the shoot I did in the woods, I was really hoping to do something near Bowen Park at night, as it not only had really neat isolated lamps that would have looked cool with a subject, but across the street is an auto shop with a really great red neon sign. I […]

January 27 – Chuck

It’s Vahida’s Birthday! I knew I wanted to do some sort of shot for her big day, but I wasn’t to sure what until I was looking around the apartment this morning. I saw this bucket of stones that we have leftover from the wedding and I got the idea of doing a shot that […]

January 27 – Jamie

Oh dang!  I went to this cool little place tucked beside the highway called Buttertubs Marsh.  The name alone is a great selling point, but other factors include it being a nice jogging trail around a body of water in which bikes and dogs aren’t permitted.  Because of this, birds absolutely love rocking out here. […]