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Remember Reach

I’ve always been a big Halo fan.  I remember blasting through the novel “The Fall of Reach” before the first game came out to prep myself for what lay ahead.  I think the early years of the franchise with the Spartan Mk II program were some of the most interesting parts of that universe.  As soon as Halo Reach was announced, I got so pumped.  Their marketing campaign had a perfect mix of of action to appease the pure gaming side, as well as drama to stimulate those that enjoy the back story.

Plus the multiplayer worked properly.

This monument to Noble team is one of the decorative sacrifices my girlfriend endures from us living together.  Today I decided to take it off the shelf and use it as my subject in order to play with some of my lights.

Our apartment isn’t really conducive to a studio mood, both in terms of space and light control.  This usually discourages me from dragging any of that equipment out, but I tried my best with this.  I would have liked a bit more light hitting the front right.

For this shot I put the monument on my dining room table, and put some black cloth behind it as far as I could while still blocking everything.  I set a small aperture in order to widen the depth of field, and knock out all ambient light.  This helps ensure the background stays as dark as possible while giving me full control over the light.  I had two flashes on each side in front of the object, and then one very high up behind to the right.  Probably about a 75º angle.

I used my 70-200 f4 lens, zoomed out at 78mm, firing at 1/80, f16, with an ISO setting of 200.  The shutter speed wasn’t entirely relevant for this shot, since it was pitch black at that aperture, and the strobes did all the work.

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