Red Rose

Red Rose

Today was a serious toss up. Vahida and I took a drive out towards Pickering in search of some farm land. I have driven around up north in the Newmarket/Uxbridge area a good deal and had some great luck. This time, I thought I would try going east instead of north. It took a while to get into the farm country, but once we did, things started to get a little interesting. We passed some train tracks that had potential, but I wasn’t “wowed” until we came across a swamped field of Canadian Geese. There were about 50 geese that seemed to be enjoying some downtime in the waters of the field.  It was late in the day, and I was running out of daylight. Using my 80-400 Sigma lens,  I spent some time snapping away at the geese, but with the waters being too deep for me to walk across the field, at 400mm, I just couldn’t get in close enough to get a crisp shot.

Defeated by the geese,  we continued down the road and into a beautiful country neighbourhood. With the sun soon setting, I knew we had to land something quick. As we drove down, I saw a barn in the distance that looked like it was struggling to stay on its feet. As we got closer, we could see it was abandoned and it was then that I knew that this was where I would land today’s shot. I took a walk around the muddy property, and started to snap off a series of pictures. It was when I got more adventurous and headed to the back of the building that I spotted this beautiful red door – a splash of colour in an otherwise desolate area.

After looking at all the shots from the barn, it was a hard time deciding between this shot, and a shot of the peeling, wooden plank wall. I decided on this one, but know that the other will make an appearance on here on one of my down days.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon EF 24-70mm F4 L lens at 24mm, shooting at 1/30, F6.3, with an ISO setting of 400. It was an overcast day and light was getting short when the shot was taken.

See you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “January 4 – Chuck

  1. It must have felt like a gift to come across this unexpected splash of colour. By the way, congratulations on your marriage, Chuck!

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