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After a heavy snowfall yesterday ending in freezing rain, I woke up super excited this morning.  Last year we had an insane ice storm in the GTA that while damaging, produced a lot of beauty.  Unfortunately as I looked out the window I saw that today was to be warm enough to melt everything to slush, cold enough to make slipping and falling still very likely, and wet enough to make a desire to go outside minimal.

I kept it close today, and went to the park by my apartment figuring there could at the very least be some squirrels or dogs mucking about.  I was able to find some squirrels giving me the stinkeye, but there wasn’t much that I hadn’t already seen/shot.  As I walked along the water listening to the delightful sound of 20 Canadian geese all slurping water at the same time, I heard a hawk cry out.

This is cool to me because I’d never actually heard them make noise in person, and also because “oh damn, a hawk!”.

There were three of them circling about, gliding on thermals as those peasant seagulls flapped about to stay in the air.  Unfortunately, they were constantly getting higher and higher and going farther over the water, so my time was limited.  This was the best I was able to get, and I cursed my intelligent financial choices of not getting that Tamron 150-600 lens last summer.  This is only the second time I’ve had that regret though (Last was about a hawk as well), so in terms of cost vs. regret, I’m actually probably still better off without it.  As is my back.

Still… would have been nice if I could have gotten even closer.

I used my 70-200 f4 lens, zoomed in all the way to 200mm, firing at 1/200, f6.3, with an ISO setting of 500.  It was a pretty gloomy overcast day.

One thought on “January 4 – Jamie

  1. You still managed to get the individual feathers showing. Hawks in T.O. — neat.

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