Operation: Get the photo of the moon up before Chuck can


Today was my first “official” day back at work.  Which is to say there were other people also in the office, as well as a new hire for me to get to know and train.  This will also be where I start getting tired and lazy by then end of the day (more tired and lazier, whatever…).  All day I was dreading how this will play out, and if this will be where I falter, less then a week in.  At least the fact that I was concerned about this indicates that I’m trying to take this thing seriously.  I took a picture of the sunset reflected on a building downtown on my phone as a “just in case” before leaving the office, and tried to think up some ideas.

Once I got home, luck ended up being on my side.  After shouting “Oh damn” for a while, I calmed down and just started shouting “Oh yeah” a-la Randy Savage.  As luck would have it, there is a full moon going on right now.  I frantically unboxed my old 55-300mm lens (It’s for sale, by the way) since it is the longest lens I currently have in the apartment, and popped out to the balcony to grab this sucker.  It was already too high to get a decent shot of it amidst the buildings, unfortunately, but I’ll try to be more vigilant about checking for full moons at later dates.

That black speck just to the lower left of centre is actually a plane that had the audacity to get in front of my shot.  Selfish…

This makes two days in a row now where I silently cursed to myself “Should have bought that 150-600…”.

I got this with a 55-300 f/4.5-5.6 lens (made for crop sensor bodies), zoomed in all the way to 300.  I shot at 1/125 and f9 in order to get the details of the moon instead of blowing it out.  I had my ISO set to 500 because that’s where I left it yesterday and I wasn’t paying attention.  These missteps can happen when you stand on a balcony in freezing temperatures while making Randy Savage mating calls.  Learn from it.

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