Lauren with pillows

Sea of Pillows


I am a very simple man. When it comes to pillow arrangements, I like to have one for sleeping on, and one to make things look balanced.  I consider the one for balance to be excessive and silly, but my bedding kit came with two pillows, and the only other thing I could think to do was throw it out.

Having this mindset when I moved in with my girlfriend was… jarring.  She enjoys form and aesthetic, and believes living quarters are meant to look nice.  I came into this from a world of Halo monuments and Transformers posters.  It’s taken some time to adjust.

As time went on I decided if I’m going to be involved with this kind of world, I might as well try and influence it.  My contribution so far has taken the form of Renard, the disgruntled fox.

I wanted to take a picture of Lauren with Renard amidst the sea of pillows that are currently easily accessible within our apartment.  The hope was to depict her feeling snug and secure in her fortress of pleasing aesthetics.

The lights were originally intended to be more prop than anything, with two strobes off camera providing the lighting, but I just couldn’t get it looking how I wanted within the confines of the room.  I ended up trying a few shots with just the bedside lamps, and decided it was enough to work with.  This one was the final result.

I got this with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens zoomed at 26mm. I shot it at 1/8 of a second and f7.1, with an ISO of 800.  I kept the aperture down to try and keep everything in focus.  Luckily when you use a wide angle you can get a much larger depth of field out of your aperture vs when you’re zoomed in.  I used my tripod to keep things steady as such a slow shutter speed.

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