Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge

I think today was the coldest day of the year in Toronto, with temperatures falling to -28. Being from the north, I thought that I needed to tough it out and get outside for a walk, but I’ll admit, I spent some time debating what I have in the apartment that I could snap a picture of.

Living in Toronto leaves a northern boy yearning for the outdoors. When I first moved here, I questioned if I truly wanted to live in a concrete jungle. Walks around the neighbourhood left me breathing in dirty bus exhaust fumes, avoiding angry people and at times, having a moderate fear for my life. It didn’t help that Jamie convinced me to live at Jane and Wilson. “It’ll be great” he said. “The rent is cheap!” he said. “The police have the area just north of Jane and Wilson and towards Finch blocked off while the man hunt for the gunman continues” CP24 news said.

After leaving that area of the city though, I became more comfortable walking around and exploring, and found a lot of nature trails and park paths. Some were up kept, while others not at all. Getting lost in these trails became one of my favourite activities when I had a few hours to kill. This picture is an example of one of the many bridge graffiti art all over the city. I took this one on a Toronto nature trail just off of Mount Pleasant, south of St. Clair. The area around the bridge is protected by the city, and is typically very green with a stream running through it. In the summer and fall it can be very pretty.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 50mm EF 1.8 lens, shooting at 1/200, F1.8, with an ISO setting of 100. It was a sunny day when the shot was taken, but the bridge shaded the art.

One point about this lens. Jamie and I have mentioned a few different lenses that we have and some of you might be starting to realize that we have a bit invested in our hobby. This 50mm lens is a great buy for a good prime lens. It is bottom of the line, feels cheap and plastic but is sharp and offers nice bokeh. It is a perfect kit lens that you can pick up for about $140. The L series version of this offers two F stops wider at F1.2, but will run you closer to $1,900 (no, I do not have that lens).


2 thoughts on “January 7 – Chuck

  1. A company called Yonguo released a 50mm 1.8 lens for the Canon mount recently. They started at about $40 each on Ebay. The prices have gone up to around $70-$80 because comparison reports have started coming in, and it seems the Yonguo lens is actually performing better than the Canon version in a lot of situations.

    It’s an interesting time when a “knock off” brand can outdo the company they’re meant to be imitating.

  2. Interesting to know that they are getting into lenses.

    I have been using a Yongnuo flash for a while now. $160 on eBay with shipping compared to $600 for the Canon equivalent. Is the Canon better? Sure, but not by much. It disperses the light a little wider for less vignetting at wider focal lengths, but that is really about it. I also use their light transmitters.

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