Colourful books

Books by colour

Days that stretch from 8am-11:30pm leave little time for picture taking.

I was visiting my buddy Spencer Gordon tonight, and knew what I wanted to take a picture of well before arriving.  He had taken to organizing his book shelves by colour instead of by author before Pinterest made it cool, and also has enough assorted literature to make it work.

Unfortunately, as is common with Toronto architecture, space is a limited commodity.  I had to move his dining room table against the wall, and even still just barely got everything into frame with the widest lens I have.  I didn’t have much gear on me, so the lighting was provided by a lone 60 watt lamp behind me.  I’m not overly thrilled with how this turned out, but it served as a solid example that I won’t always have all the time/opportunity I need every single day, so try my best.

I would love to do a proper portrait shot with Spencer as the subject and the books in the background, though I might need an even wider angle to pull that off.  I’m hoping to organize that as a project for when the weather is warmer, so if all goes well this setting will be revisited with a bit more planning time, and a lot more lighting control.

I used my 24-70mm f2.8 lens for this, shooting at 1/5 of a second and f3.5, with an ISO of 800.  I had to zoom all the way out to 24mm, and had the camera resting on a pillow on top of his dining room table.  I cropped in a little bit after the fact, because the D-link router was detracting from the mood.

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