Squirrel with almond

Who, me?


It’s cold balls today.  Cold cold balls.

The further into the week I’m getting, the more drained I’m finding myself.  I’ve been looking around for a camera/laptop backpack for the past few days so that I can start lugging my camera and work gear around together, as well as stop using a shoulder strap bag since it’s helping destroy my left side. After a lot of looking, comparing, and a bit of testing, I felt like the Ona Camps Bay was the plan for me.

Admittedly, it’s quite expensive for a camera bag, but I’m banking on the logic of “I should never have to buy another one again”.  That combined with the storage capacity and the fact that it doesn’t look like a camera bag ended up making me decide to just go for it before I fly to BC next week.

Sold out.

The only other bag I found that came kind of close was a National Geographic bag, but it’s a bit lacking in space for lenses and gear.

The search will continue, I suppose.  Hopefully I can find something before my travels.

Oh yeah, here’s a squirrel with an almond.  It kind of looks like his tongue is sticking out.

This was taken with my 70-200 f4, with a shutter speed of 1/160 at f5, using ISO 800.  A frigid cloudy day.

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