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From the Found Collection

Today was a product photo day.

Jewelry photography can be really fun.  It can also be extremely time consuming.  In this case, it wasn’t the picture taking itself that took so much time, but the post production.  I’m trying to practice post editing for Jewelry photos in order to make my shots actually usable.  Luckily living with a goldsmith means I not only have ample supply of product to practice with, but easy to access feedback on what is needed for usable shot.

In this case, the final output is not a usable one, but each time I try this, lessons are learned.  There are a lot of issues I should be able to resolve before even opening photoshop (such as the chains), but a lot of my ideas of how to go about setting that up require space that isn’t available to me at the moment.  All in all the post production on this took around three hours, though that wasn’t non-stop, as I jumped between a few things during that timeframe.  The majority of the time was spent working on the citrine, as it has seen a lot of use over the years.  Here is what it looked like without any touchups.

scratched citrine

Girl, you need some work done

While I am not exactly satisfied with the overall final product, I am pleased with the results of my stone polish attempts.  There is more that could have been done, but I’m exhausted.  I’m going to keep working on the techniques I tried out with this one, and hopefully get a bit better and a lot faster with them.

I didn’t use my normal product setup for this shot, as there were some time constraints on how long I had the product itself to work on.  I used my 90mm macro lens with a 1/400 second shutter speed at f8, and ISO 500.  I had a softbox on both sides and a light at the back to blowout the background.  The necklace was just hanging, which is why I needed the fast shutter speed.  Normally I would have the item stable, and shoot much slower with a smaller aperture and lower ISO.



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