Lauren in a dank hallway

Somebody better call Dr. McNinja

Cleaning day!  We emptied the closet and dresser of clothing I don’t use, along with a lot of clothing I do use, but really shouldn’t since it’s too small for me.  We also cleaned up the basement storage unit to make more room.

Knowing we would be working in the basement, and knowing that all apartment storage rooms are designed by nightmares, I figured I could try and get something a bit creepy for today’s picture.  The idea was to have Lauren standing under the light in the hallway with darkness ahead, looking back alarmed as if she’d just heard some spooky stuff.

We had a bit of difficulty getting the alarmed look, as any attempts to pull it off were sprinkled between bouts of giggling.  That surprised me, as any time I come home and say “Guess what I bought”, Lauren manages to display a look of abject terror.

This shot was taken with my 24-70mm lens zoomed out at 27mm, a slow shutter speed of 1/25 seconds at f3.5, using ISO 800.  Lighting was lone energy efficient fluorescent bulb.  I unscrewed the one behind her so things fall off into darkness instead of a pile of our garbage.

I also played with the Lightroom adjustment brush a little bit, so in addition to the base levels for the walls, I made a brightened layer for Lauren, a darkened layer for the back of the hallway, and an extra vibrant/grungy layer for what in reality isn’t too bad a stain on the floor.

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