Subway tunnel under a blue sky

How I get to work each day

Day 13, and I finally phone it in.  The irritation in addition to time spent on yesterday’s shot has finally compounded to my saying “screw it, let’s get basic”.  In an effort to avoid burning out and abandoning the website (again) less than a month in, I’m going to try and switch gears here.  Retool.  Dial it back.

I’m going to try and put a bit more effort into fundamentals for a bit.  Shape, pattern, colour, etc.  The goal is to put a bit of focus towards that, and spend less time worrying about editing.  This will be cast aside when I’m visiting family in British Columbia, at which point you will probably be inundated with different pictures of dogs for a couple weeks.

Helping me on today’s journey is my trusty Nokia Lumia 1020.  I’ve been wanting to take a picture of the subway tunnel by my house, but the appeal required a blue sky with little to no clouds, and the last few days I’ve been there when it’s either overcast, or night time.  This morning it was all looking nice with some orange sunrise and a strong blue sky.  I lowered the exposure compensation a bit to make the sky pop a bit more, and let the phone take care of the rest.  A fun element of letting a 1020 do whatever it wants for shutter speed, is that it really will do whatever it wants.  Certain ratios?  Whole numbers?  Get that weak junk off the track.  1/1792 is still technically a shutter speed, so it’s going to use that shutter speed!

This was shot with a Lumia 1020, which has a focal length of 25mm, and an aperture of f2.2.  It was shot at the logical 1/1792 shutter speed, using 100 ISO

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