20150114_121955 - January 14, 2015 - 5312 x 2988 - Photo Year 2015

Walk the Plank

Day 14 took me on a walk down Bloor Street towards the Danforth. Generally, when I am walking in this direction, I am beneath Bloor Street. But today I thought I would see what the world looks like from above. Originally, I had planned to walk to the Bloor bridge and see what kind of shot I could get there, but on the way there, I passed this pedestrian bridge. I liked the look of it and decided to snap a shot. I debated waiting for the guy on the bridge to finish crossing and get out of the shot, but I got impatient and thought that he does add to it all.

I decided that for the next few days I am going to give the big camera a rest and use my phone for shots. The main reason being that it is more compact and much easier to grab and shoot with.

I used my Samsung Note 4 with whatever lens it comes with. It was 100% auto, but Lightroom tells me it was at 1/690, F2.2, with an ISO setting of 40. It was a nice sunny day when the shot was taken.

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