Plane flying into an orange sky

He just… flew away.

I will be spending most of today in transit, flying from Toronto to Vancouver, and then taking a seaplane from Vancouver to the quaint island town of Nanaimo.  I figured I would put together a little something ahead of time since I may not be able to take and make today.  If I do get any shots… I’ll have material for days off later, which I’m cool with.

Since air travel is the story of my day, I figured it might as well be the photo as well.  When I was living at my old apartment with a good buddy of mine there would be the odd day where an insane amount of air traffic was going on to the west of us.  Just an hour or so with plane after plane going by, often several pretty close together.  It was on one such day I decided to hop out and attach my 55-300 lens to get some shots.  That lens is normally meant for crop sensor cameras, which means I can experience some vignetting and softness on the outer areas of my picture, but all in all there is still plenty to work with.

As the sun started going down behind the planes, I was able to up the aperture and shutter speed without increasing sensitivity, and got some wonderful highlights of the clouds as the silhouette of the plane flew by.  This one ended up being my favourite of the bunch, and I cropped in a bit to help frame it in way that made it look like the plane was just getting started.

Hopefully I’ll have a picture of my dogs for you tomorrow.

I shot this with a 55-300mm lens, using a shutter speed of 1/125 seconds and an aperture of f20.  I was basically shooting into the sun, so even with such a fast shutter and small aperture, the ISO was at 100.  I love orange.


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