Day 16 comes to you from the frozen shores of Lake Ontario.

Yesterday as I was driving home I took a cruise down Lakeshore and couldn’t help but notice that the shore line looked very interesting with the ice and rough water. It was around sun set, but it was overcast and the waves were crashing into the walls of the man made bay. I wished I had my camera with me so that I could get a shot, but unfortunately I didn’t. My idea was to tripod the camera and then do a shutter drag, which is where you use a longer exposure, to get a soft look to the water. I decided that today I would pack my gear, since I would be at a client’s all day, with the meeting planned to end at 4:30. The hope was that by the time I got back to this area, the sun would be pretty much set and I would have the right lighting for a longer exposure.

As luck would have it the meeting ended early, putting me in the area an hour early. Once there I realized that the conditions of today were vastly different from yesterday. Instead of overcast, windy and choppy seas, it was sunny and with a calm lake. I decided to use the extra time to take a walk and see what shots I could get – quickly picking out a few that I would be happy with once the sun went down. I also realize that I wasn’t in the appropriate attire with my suit, tie and dress shoes as it didn’t take long for a chill to run through my body and my toes to become noticeably frozen. I jumped in the car to get out of the wind and wait for the ideal lighting.

As the sun went down, I noticed that there was a growing population of geese in the area. When the lighting was close to where I wanted it, I got out of the car to set up for the shot I wanted but took a few minutes to snap off some shots of the geese. I didn’t have my big zoom lens, which I thought was going to pose a challenge being as the geese are wild, but it was then that I met Goostaf the Friendly Goose, who was not only content with my being close by, but practically posed for me. I snapped off shot after shot, with him (or her I am no Ornithologist here) moving into different positions.  As he (or she) was swimming around he (listen I am going to call Goostaf a him ok?) gave me a nice profile with the city skyline in the background.

I went about getting my other shots of the city, water and ice and more of Goostaf and his flock that he brought over a little later on. Although there are a good number of shots I like from today, this was one of two that came out as the clear winners – both the same shot, just with Goostaf’s head in different positions. After saying goodbye to my new friend, I was sufficiently frozen to the bone and having difficulty feeling my feet so I got into the car and started the journey home.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens at 70mm, shooting at 1/60, F5, with an ISO setting of 100. It was a sunny day when the shot was taken and later on into the sunset.

A little extra note: Photography can often be a matter of coincidence, such as my meeting of Goostaf the Friendly Goose but often shots come down to planning, research and knowing the right conditions and times for the shot you want. The sun in the sky can play a huge factor in getting different styles of photos but so can clouds and wind. As I was driving home, out across the lake was a gorgeous orange sky and in the distance two factories with their smoke stacks pumping out. The wind was blowing the smoke in the direction of the lake and the total image was beautiful. I would love to get back there to get that shot, but the conditions will need to be like they were today.


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