Trees silhouetted in the sky

Island Sunrise

I decided to continue working Ontario hours while I’m visiting my parents in British Columbia, as it means my day ends at 2, and I’m not going into an office so pants can go on whenever I feel like it.  This of course means I wake up shortly before 6 in the morning and start working immediately.

Because of this, I get to start my day in darkness and watch the sun rise up, bit by bit.  I was on a conference call in the morning as I noticed the sky going from black to purple.  It slowly got prettier and prettier, and I got antsier and antsier on the call.  As soon as it was over I rushed outside to bask in the pretty purple and orange sky that caused clouds to glow above foggy mountains, and streetlights to take a well deserved rest.

I could see a lot of beautiful light coming through cracks between houses, but there wasn’t much available to get a solid proper look.  I’m hoping to wake up early on the weekend and find a spot on Mount Benson to camp out for a sunrise.  Hopefully with nice cloud formations and little rain.

I figured I would get what I could this morning though, and most of that took the form of silhouettes.  This one was my favourite of the bunch.  I tried to get a position that minimized telephone wires, but now that I think about it, if I could find an area that had an abundance of them, that would look cool as a silhouette as well.

This was taken with my 24-70 f2.8 lens zoomed into 70mm.  I used a 1/80 second shutter speed at f5.6, and ISO 400.

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