Harbour Walkway

Mind your step

A nice saturday morning where I wake up at a decent hour.  Thank you, time zones.  I decided to take a morning walk before it started raining.  Just had my phone with me.  It astounds me how happy Nanaimo makes me, given that I wasn’t at all thrilled with it when I lived here.  I think a big part of it is the fact that I know when I’ll be leaving.

It allows me to walk around the waterfront and actually take the time to appreciate it, which I never did while living here.  I looked at monuments, mountains, and like, seven billion seagulls all making a huge fuss over something in the water.  It was super nice and relaxing.  All in all I recommend doing that if you’re in Nanaimo, instead of working at a call center, running credit checks on people for T-Mobile.

In an effort to try and find keep things simple now and then (preferably with a bit more frequency), I ended up trying to find something to encompass the concept of pattern today.  During my walk by the waterfront I was strolling down one of the Nanaimo piers, and in one section instead of concrete or wood, it had a very interesting grate-like texture with the footing coated with what almost looked like salt.  I liked how it looked and decided “This will do”.

This was shot with a Lumia 1020, which has a focal length of 25mm, and an aperture of f2.2.  It was shot at 1/75 of a second, using 100 ISO

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