Reflection of trees in water

Glass lake

I want to open by making note that this isn’t a double exposure.

Lakes are really interesting to me, because I spent almost my entire life in South Ontario. When I think “lake”, I don’t expect to be able to see the other side. I don’t expect to be able to drive around it in a day.

Everyone outside of Ontario seems to have a different perspective though, where lakes are the kind of thing you can race your friends across, or go for a jog around.  One such example is Beaver Lake, which when I looked on the map, figured would make for a day long hike to visit and traverse.  In reality, the lake itself could be walked past in a few minutes.

The combination of a calm windless day and an area secluded from just about everything made the water absolutely motionless.  The effect was especially noticed when viewing the reflections in the water.  Some of my shots I was able to invert with minimal disruption to the scene unless you look closely at a few specs and twigs “floating” there.

I liked the look of this shot at first, but the more I looked at it the faster it wore thin as feeling kind of boring.  It was just a very clear reflection.  After I flipped it I started to enjoy it a bit more, as it still kind of passed as a treeline shot at first glance, and then upon closer inspection looks like a double exposure. I ended up going with this one instead of a shot of the horizon right in the middle to have equal trees on the top and bottom.

This was shot with my 24-70 f2.8 lens zoomed out to  24mm. I set 1/80 of a second and an aperture of f5, with an ISO of 320.  It was partly cloudy with the sun already down behind the trees.

3 thoughts on “January 20 – Jamie

  1. I still have to stand on my head to get a sense of the precision in this reflection. Amazingly clear water.

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