Cream poured into coffee

You kill the joe, you make some mo!

As I was pouring some milk into my coffee yesterday morning, I looked at the cool pattern as the two liquids mixed together and thought “That’ll be a fun project for tomorrow!”

Then as I went to upload yesterday’s photo I happened to notice that Chuck Judas Harris had not only gotten the same idea as me, but acted upon it much faster, leaving me high and dry as the copy cat.  My fury over this was outmatched only be the fury over the fact that anyone I complained to would rightfully respond with “Who cares?”.

In the end, I decided it was still an idea I wanted to try, so by grum I was going to give it a shot.

After setting up a glass of milk on the table and taking a slew of shots with my lights in different positions, I settled on one to the right reflecting off my macbook, one on a box on a box on a chair to the upper left, and one directly behind to glow through the coffee in order to better define the textures mixing.

What I didn’t consider, is the fact that my dad likes his coffee black as the night.  So while not only reflecting/transmitting absolutely no light, I’m pretty sure this stuff’s darkness sucks in nearby light and absorbs it in order to give more energy to the drinker.  It’s some dark magic stuff.

Because of that, the flash in the back did absolutely nothing on my checklist of things I would have liked it to do, but hey, at least the mug and handle were blown out.

I’m with Chuck on this one.  We should probably collaborate in an environment where we can set up a lot more in the way of lighting control.  Put that on the to-do list.

This was shot with my 85mm f1.8 lens.  I shot at 1/200 of a second to knock out the ambient light, and f16 to get some depth of field and further light control.  ISO was 200 because I’m a bigger risk taker than Chuck.

I hope to revisit this in the future to improve things.

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