Smiling dog

Aster forgetting that everything is scary

I’ve been in BC for over a week, and have only posted a single picture of the dogs.  I’ve taken many, there’s no question of that, but not much posted.  I couldn’t let that stand any longer.

Here we are again with my sweet little puppy Aster.  She may be like, 10 years old now and hell of decrepit, but she’s my sweet little puppy nonetheless.  While growing up with my family has done wonders to alleviate a lot of the crazy, she still has her delightful little quirks that are punctuated by a stroke, and arthritis.

Generally, she looks something like this:

Sad dog

She probably saw something scary like a bird, or something not scary enough, like a different bird. Either way, it unnerved her.

Because that’s her default status, I always like trying to capture the moments where she forgets that everything is terrible.  This comes with difficulty though, because cameras are scary.  Generally the only moment her joy can be captured is if she’s distracted by something like chasing a ball or hiking in the woods, and I’m far enough away to not draw attention.

I was able to get a shot of this noble queen of the soccer field with my 70-200mm f4 lens using a shutter speed of 1/500 seconds at f4.  It was very cloudy and I was using ISO 1000 so I could keep the shutter speed high, as she is super fidgety.

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