Frozen In


This weekend I am trying not to spend too much time on this photo project, and instead spend more time enjoying the weekend. The last two Saturdays we spent a few hours out driving looking for something interesting to get a shot of, but today I wanted to limit that time and get a shot of something that was in the area of the errands that we had to run.

It was another trip to Ikea this morning to return the shelves we bought and were unable to mount due to the whole concrete wall thing. On our way back we were driving past some park land and I thought I would take a little drive through and get a shot of something. As we were driving, there was a river that had some interest, but I forgot to pack the tripod and I didn’t want a standard old river shot. It was a very dark day though, and it would have worked well for a longer exposure water shot. I am planning to get back there one of these days to try it out.

Instead, Vahida and I noticed this swamp area that we liked. Walking around it for a few minutes, I took some shots, but found it was one of those places that looks pleasing when you are there, but doesn’t come through as well in photo. If I had the tripod, I think I could have done something a lot more interesting with a panoramic shot, but live and learn.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens at24mm, shooting at 1/50, F6.3, with an ISO setting of 200. It was a dark overcast day when the shots were being taken.

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