Dewdrops on the window

Dem drops be droppin all da… dime.

Optics are neat.  The way light can be distorted and twisted through different materials before it reaches the eyes is just really cool.  I remember sitting in the back of my parents car when I was really little and looking at the lights through droplets on the window and just being really relaxed.

Because Nanaimo is occasionally a bit damp, it isn’t unheard for condensation to build up on the front windows.  I figured I would try taking a shot of the beads in an effort to try and get a bit of the outside view to come through.  This can be a bit tricky, as if you focus slightly behind or in front of the magic spot, you’ll just get straight up drops on glass, as the insides go out of focus almost instantly.

Since the droplets aren’t spherical and flat on one side, the light coming through them is fairly distorted, meaning it won’t be a clear image.  I believe for that you’ll be needing more of a droplet, which requires a bit more of a controlled environment.  Thanks been on my to-do list for like, 5 years.

This was taken with my 90mm f2.8 macro lens.  I was shooting by hand at 1/200 of a second and f13.  ISO was cranked on 800.

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