Barred Owl

I may have been spotted

Oh dang!  I went to this cool little place tucked beside the highway called Buttertubs Marsh.  The name alone is a great selling point, but other factors include it being a nice jogging trail around a body of water in which bikes and dogs aren’t permitted.  Because of this, birds absolutely love rocking out here.  The majority of activity is from robins, but there is a nice variety in there.  Including but not limited to redwing blackbirds, hummingbirds, and owls.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting owls.  That was a major plus.  I figured I would take some pictures since… you know… friggin’ OWL!  Now that I’m sorting through photos every day, I’m trying a lot more to take as few shots as possible, and ideally nailing it on the first few tries so that my workload later is reduced.  My precaution to make sure I got at least one good one got the best of me though, because I had to sort through a pile of the same shot to figure out which one to keep or toss.  It extended the process by at least an hour.  And even in all that, I missed it yawning.

My very little research suggests this is called a “Barred Owl”.  They hang out on the island, so that’s cool.

I caught this one napping, and then got the shifty eyes from it.

I used my 70-200 f4 lens to get as close as possible for this shot.  I was firing at 100/sec with f5.6, and an ISO of 1000.  Not only was the sun going down behind Mount Benson, but it was mad overcast so there was not much light to work with.  I didn’t shoot open at f4 because I wanted to try and get a bit more sharpness, and I kept it slow at 1/100 without too much shake thanks to the insane Vibration Reduction in that lens.

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