Autoshop at night

Just hanging out

In addition to the shoot I did in the woods, I was really hoping to do something near Bowen Park at night, as it not only had really neat isolated lamps that would have looked cool with a subject, but across the street is an auto shop with a really great red neon sign.

I went to suss out the area at night and get a feel for what could work, and it just so happened an insane fog rolled in.  Full blown pea soup all up ins.

While the auto shop looked really neat and there was a great vibe going with it, the setup I wanted to do with a subject in the shot required lighting a bit more precise than “Put some cardboard on a chair and bounce a flash off that”.

Unfortunately I had to scrap my plans for that, but at least I have a rough idea/image of what I was after, so if I find a location in Toronto that will work out, I’ll try to apply it there with my equipment.

This was one of the sample shots I took to get the vibe of the place.  It was taken with my 24-70mm lens at 24mm.  I shot at 1/40 of a second, f2.8, ISO 1000.  Since it was zoomed so far out, hand shaking doesn’t have as big an impact.

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