Mike Weir

I can tell he’s proud of me

One of the cool things about having a father named Mike Weir is that there is a well known golfer with the same name.  Thanks to this, I can feel like there’s a wine named after my old man, and there are never any issues with getting a reservation at a restaurant.  Sure, they may be let down when we arrive, but that’s the burden of having hope.

Luckily for me there are so many other great things about my father, but they are more to do with him as a person rather than his title.  The older I get and the more I experience in life, the greater this respect grows. I remember how horrific it was when I started commuting over an hour to get to my job, and then realizing that he did that daily for a good 18 years in Ontario.  Not only that, but while I would come home to unwind and play video games, he had to come home to his shitty screaming children that had no doubt done something stupid while he was away.  The fact that he did this routinely, and didn’t at some point just take me for a long drive north and come home alone saying “what kid?” is a testament to his resilience and willpower.

I’m also constantly learning things not just from him, but about him.  Admittedly, this is mostly thanks to me being terrible at asking questions about people. For those of you that aren’t aware, he was born in Calgary.  I’m 30 years old and up until yesterday thought he was born in “British Columbia somewhere probably”.

All in all, I like to think I’ve turned out pretty well so far.  I’m alive, employed, and moderately self sufficient.  I attribute 49% of this outcome to his spectacular efforts in raising me well.  My mom gets the other 49%, and then 2% can go to mad improbability.

He was kind enough to help me test out a potential improvised lighting setup.  The shots were intended to be throwaways, but I liked how it looked, and after thinking about how many pictures I have of the dogs and how few I have of the parents, I decided I wanted to keep it.

I shot this with my 85mm 1.8, using a shutter speed of 1/200 and f4. ISO was at 100, and the day was overcast.  I had a flash coming in low from the right to help fill and add that sparkle of joy in his eyes.

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