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Day 30 – and I promise this will be the last flower shot for a little while. This is a shot that I took on the 28th and thought that it would be a good one to share today. I was looking at the flowers today and debated getting some shots of the tulips now that they are in bloom, but thought I would use this one instead and then take a break. I think I’ll try drying out some of the flowers for some shots.

I am again at a loss for the type of flower that this is, and once again Vahida tells me it’s a variety of mum. It was one of the more interesting ones that I got with Vahida’s birthday bouquet. It is this beautiful little ball of pink and white, and I just love how the petals curl into each other. This is a combination of two photos that I used Photoshop to blend. The first shot I took had the light primarily on the left, and the second primarily on the right. For the shot on the left I  pulled the flash back about another 2 feet or so to get that part a touch darker. I did a little misting to get some water droplets.  Once in Lightroom, I desaturated the photo by about 20%.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens at 70mm, shooting at 1/100, F22, with an ISO setting of 100. This was a studio style shot where I used my flash and a combination of two shots to even out the light.

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