The stupidest border collie

A rare glimpse of Solo not looking terrible

Solo is the other dog my parents picked up in an effort to mellow Aster out by means of “leading by example”.  While I’ll give him credit for helping her calm down a little bit, I’m pretty sure she has made him a bit weirder than he would have normally turned out as a result.

Nevertheless, he is a great old goofball, and has lumbered in to sleep at the foot of my bed every night since I arrived in BC.  While he is good at being clumsy and cuddly, I think his greatest talent is in how un-photogenic he is able to make himself.  Most of the time it’s due to his lips getting stuck to the top of his mouth, exposing his snaggle teeth.  Other times it’s his look of abject horror.  Also helpful is his habit of just sprawling out on his back wherever and whenever he wants.

I find the best time to get a nice shot of him as after he’s been exercising, at which point his ears perk up like when we’re eating dinner, his lips aren’t stuck in a weird snarl, and his tongue is covering most of his teeth.  It’s all about working with your model.

I got this gem with out at a playground with my 70-200 f4.  I was zoomed in to 200 shooting at 1/500 of a second open at f4. ISO was 1000, as it was cloudy and I was trying to freeze movement with the 1/500.

Also for your viewing pleasure is a sampling of the many photos I took of Solo while I was here.  They aren’t all flattering.

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  1. We had a dog named Solo but he was a Dalmatian. He was also a Canadian champion.

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