Sea lion tanning

Truly a noble beast

Well, I did it.  I went an entire month posting a photo each day.  It’s finally over.

My mom and I took the dogs to a spot south of Nanaimo called Cable Bay, and took a long walk in the woods until we ended up by a place called Harmac Pulp Mill.  We were on the waterfront “technically” past the fenceline of the company, but we stayed down on the beach where there were no signs or borders.

We were met with a plethora of “arps” and “hurps” and the occasional “hrrruuauaghuaaaaaahs” from the vast swathe of sea lions relaxing on the log booms, catching some sunshine.  Given that there were hundreds of them, I was really hoping a few might get curious and wander over to get a closer look at the ugly landbeasts, but they were content where they were, leaving me to push my zoom to its fullest, and mark down another point on the “Wish I had that 150-600mm zoom” chart.  That said, carrying such a lens on this hike would have probably destroyed my back, so I won’t dwell.

In any case, I was still able to get some shots I liked.  I got one of this pleasant character looking pleased as punch in the sun, as well as one of it giving a big ol’ bellow.  I actually ended up with 5 sea lion shots that I really liked, so I’m going to have to revisit thinking about what I want to do with the extras, as I’d rather not just leave them to collect dust on my hard drive.

I got this one with the help of Mr. Sun.  I used my 70-200mm f4 lens zoomed in to 200mm.  I shot at 1/400sec at f5, and an ISO of 320.

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