February 28 – Jamie

My girlfriend and I are visiting her parents in Burlington this weekend, and I hauled more gear than I know what to do with along for the ride.  My main objective was to find some birds that would normally be too far away from me, and use my new insane-o-zoom to make it so said […]

February 28 – Chuck

It was a bright and sunny day today, so Vahida and I decided that we needed to get out for a drive and pretty much just go somewhere. We ended up heading west to Mississauga, and then north on Mississauga Road into the country. It was a pretty scenic drive and there was a number […]

February 27 – Chuck

Today I am daydreaming of being on a lake in the summertime, watching the sun come up in the land of no pollution, less people and endless mosquitoes. It’s Friday, and as we welcome another winter weekend, I know we could all use a good daydream of warmer days. This is a shot of the sunrise over Kenogamisis […]

February 27 – Jamie

5 days without a bird photo?  What kind of trash is that? Speaking of trash, here is a pigeon for today’s photo. Like most birds in the area, it appears that harbour pigeons know no fear. When you get close, they just stare at you expectantly until it is established that you will not be […]

February 26 – Jamie

Great as it was to get a new backpack that could finally carry both my photo gear and my laptop, it was quickly discovered that such bulk was not really subway friendly. With most of my transit time spent packed in with more people than is probably safe for a subway, this kind of extra girth is […]

February 25 – Chuck

Today was another one of those days when you are bottled up inside all work day, head down plugging away. It didn’t allow for me to get out for a walk at lunch and try to grab a shot, so once Vahida was home from work, I asked if she wanted to take a drive […]

February 24 – Chuck

Just a quick shot today and actually the only one that I took. After work today, Vahida and I went to the Eaton Centre so that she could look at a new bag, and I could get some new work pants from Roots. While we were coming in, I took a second to grab a […]

February 24 – Jamie

According to old legends, my father came upon his home, placed his chair, positioned his speakers, and then said unto my mom “Ok I’m set, do whatever you want with the rest of the place.” I’m sure there was a bit more to the story, but probably not too much. I’m cool with that. Here is […]