Crow on a phone wire

Keeping his eye on me

Crows are fascinating birds.  I never really gave them much thought until I visited my parents a couple of years ago and they hunted me around town.  They had a nest with some newborns in it across the street from us, and would squawk like mad any time someone walked by.  I made the mistake of standing around under the tree for a while instead of keep moving, which basically put me on the crow equivalent of a terrorist watch list.  From that point onwards, any time I walked down the street at least three crows would follow me and take turns diving at me whenever my back was turned.  I could walk several blocks and when I looked behind me there would still be a crow on a pole watching me.

Near the end of the trip it got to the point where they would hang around in front of our house a lot more too.  At one point two came over to the front garden.  One started bathing in a flower pot while the other kept watch.  Curious as to how they would handle things, I quietly opened the front door and peeked out.  Sure enough, the patrol crow let out a quick and subtle “caw” to its partner, who then perked up, saw me, and flew off.  A couple of crows essentially did something they figured they weren’t supposed to, and when they saw me said “Cheese it!  He spotted us!” before fleeing.

Truly a fascinating and brilliant creature.

Luckily with the duration between my visits, the group that hated me either left, or had forgotten about me, as this year I was only harassed by human vagrants.  Things were mostly quiet on the crow front, aside from this one instance where a group of about 8 were having a party on the lawn across from our place.  When I stepped outside to investigate, a few came over to the wires above our front yard to keep an eye on me.  Upon further thought, I’m going to assume they committed some heinous bird crime and were disposing of the evidence.  The two flanking me as I stepped out front were making sure I didn’t get too curious, otherwise they would probably try to dispose of me as well.

Crows are great.

I grabbed a shot of this clown making sure I didn’t step out of line.  I used my 70-200 f4 lens zoomed in to 200mm. It was sunny out so I was able to shoot at 1/200 of a second with an aperture of f6.3.  ISO was 400.

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