Chestnut-backed Chickadee


Mixed-species flocks and feeding aggregations are groups of different birds that share a similar feeding style, and all decide to “roll out” as a crew (Or in the case of an aggregation, “hang out”).  This is always handy because it means you see a variety of different birds all in the same area, just doing their thing and getting along.

One of the prevalent species in the flock I saw were Chestnut-Backed Chickadees, which are a lot like a Chickadee, only brown.  They were usually providing the lookout and making sure the coast was clear before the other birds came in.

This project is going to get a lot more difficult when I run out of birds.

This was taken with my 70-200mm f4 lens, zoomed in to 200mm.  I was shooting at 1/100 with an aperture of 6.3, and ISO 1000.  Your basic overcast day.

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