Self portrait

I’m actually a totally pleasant dude, honest.

The problem with trying to set up a photo to depict exhaustion is that I am too exhausted to want to go through the steps required to portray what I had in mind.

I took a lot of photos today.  It was about four hours of a semi-studio kind of workflow that just drained me.  I’m hoping to have a chance to talk about it as well as provide a sample from the session, but just have to wait on hearing back from a subject on if it’s ok to use the shot on here or not.

Until that gets figured out, here’s my first self portrait of the year.  I was hoping to get a bit of an impression of how tired I am, but looking at it now, it just seems like I’m about to cry.  Ah well.

Any time I had a project in college that required a human subject, I generally used myself, since I didn’t really know anyone in the area, and the projects were usually weekly.  I got pretty adept at setting my camera up on a tripod, focusing in the rough area I wanted, setting the timer, and hopping into the scene.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, since the need hasn’t come up.  Luckily technology in the last 8 years has yielded a few great methods to simplify the process in terms of effort, even if the overall complexity of the scene is greatly increased.

I set my camera up on a tripod at the zoom I was after, and sat down on the bed.  With the camera plugged into my tablet, I was able to transmit the Live View signal to display on the tablet, allowing me to focus as needed and see the effect in real time.  This reduces the amount of trial and error “get up, focus, sit down, shoot, look, adjust, try to sit in the same spot, shoot, continue…” routine.  I then set my aperture and shutter speed to a level that would kill all ambient light (again via tablet), held a flash pointed at me in my left hand, and triggered the shot once again with the tablet.

This situation is still a lot like my old method in the sense of “Why not just get someone else to look through the viewfinder and press the shutter?”.  It’s a valid question, and the best I can offer is that there isn’t always somebody there to help you.  But that shouldn’t mean you can’t get what you want done.  It will just take more effort.

I used my 24-70 to get this, zoomed in to 38mm.  I was shooting at 1/200 to kill the ambient light, and an aperture of 20, ISO 100.  I needed the aperture so small to reduce the effect of any light that travelled past my face.  Since I was in a small bedroom with white walls, the light bounced and travelled around a fair bit.  I could have reduced the flash intensity greatly as well instead, but that would have required getting up to mess with the camera, while I could change the aperture via my tablet.  Laziness wins.

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  1. Wow, you sure know how to use technology. Great lighting — particularly for a self portrait.

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