Mountain range

Your basic mountain range

There is a nice road behind the university in Nanaimo that offers a few good views of downtown and the waters beyond.  I opted to go up there at 6:30 one morning in order to catch the sunrise, but it turned out to be the cloudiest, foggiest, day of my entire stay.  Ah well.

I managed to go up there on a clear afternoon though.  Got a couple wide shots of the city, and a few of the ferry coming in from Vancouver.

To get a close view, I used my 70-200mm f4 lens.  I was shooting at 1/320 with an aperfure of f7.1, and ISO 100.  One of the perks of a rare sunny day on the island.

One thought on “February 8 – Jamie

  1. Those mountains make a person feel very humble. You wouldn’t get that feeling if the ferry wasn’t in the shot

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