Macro glass

Abstract glass. Glabstract.

Technically this is my second attempt at getting a picture of this thing.  My first one was about 7 years ago, and the issue of not having a macro combined with the issue of me having no idea what the hell I was doing yet resulting in a very poor, uninspired picture.  With fingerprints.

Coming back with a better understanding of what is required to get the kind of looks I want, I ended up much happier with the outcome.

This was a glass egg with neat bubbles and patterns inside of it.  I positioned it to be backlit by the sun, and got all up in with my 90mm f2.8 macro lens.  Putting it on a tripod allowed me to shoot at 1/8 second and ISO 400, which was required to let enough light in at a tiny aperture like f40.

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