Cardinal coming for a landing

Beep beep! I’m a motorist!

This afternoon it was particularly bright out.  Additionally, it was a modest temperature, all things considered.  I wanted to cash in on this and go for a walk.  Nature quickly scolded me for my rash decisions by dropping the light and temperature at a considerable speed.

Nevertheless, I was out, so I wasn’t going to go back inside until I had some shots.  Luckily as luck would have it, luck was on my side.  Which was lucky.  I came across an are where a large variety of birds were having a bit of a party.  I’m still on a bit of a “What can my camera do for me?” kick, so while I was remaining a control freak by shooting in manual, I decided to let the autofocus run its own game with the 3d tracking system.  With this, when you focus on an object the camera will track it throughout the autofocus area as it or you change position.  So long as you keep it within that zone, it will do its best to keep actively tracking.

There happened to be a few cardinals in the bunch, and their bright colour in contrast to everything around them made it a bit easier to track then the brown birds hiding amid the brown branches.  I locked onto this one as it was perched a bit higher, and followed it as it dove down to the log.

I got this with my 70-200mm f4, zoomed in to 135mm.  I was shooting at 1/1250 and f5, with an ISO of 800.  Looks like I’ll have to up the shutter speed to 1/2000 or faster if I’m going to freeze these guys completely.  While it was heavily overcast, snow everywhere helps make everything brighter.

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