Frost on a window

The alarming part was that it was on the inside.

It’s been cold lately.  To the point where those cowards at Dairy Queen decided to close indefinitely.  They closed early one night due to a storm, and I don’t think anyone bothered coming back.

Cold plus condensation can do some interesting things, though.  Such as cause neat frost patterns on windows.  That said, the neatness can be a bit concerning when that’s happening on the inside vs. the outside.

I happened to have my macro lens on me so I tried getting a few shots of the pattern.

I used my 90mm f2.8 Macro lens, shooting at 1/1000 of a second with an aperture of f9, and ISO 500.  Handholding while jacked up with coffee makes it tricky.

Also, it’s Family Day in Ontario, so here’s a shot of the Weir clan (minus the adventurous older sibling) in their natural habitat.

Most of the weir family

We used to have to pay money to have these pictures taken

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