Toronto skyline

A view reminding me why I live here while also making me wonder why I live here

I fear people tire of my stating how cold it is. Mainly because I seem to start my posts pointing it out.  One would think that if I’ve dealt with this climate for nearly 30 years I should be used to it by now, yet here we are.

I saw the sun rising and I kind of liked the juxtaposition presented with the warming glow of the sun coupled with the frigid vapours coming off the buildings.  It reminds me of the morning I flew to BC, and how after takeoff I could look over Toronto. With all of the large buildings emanating a bunch of steam, it almost looked like the city had been bombarded, and was in ruins.  Very neat.

This was taken out my bedroom window with my 70-200mm f4 lens zoomed all the way out at 70mm.  I was hand holding at 1/100 of a second and f9, with an ISO of 100.

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