Ducks flying by the dock

The source of my power

Time to close off this impromptu duck week.

I’ve come to realize the a very likely cause for the heavy amount of ducks in this area (and the frustration of businesses in the area) is mostly caused by this one lady, and her cart that holds about 10 pounds of breadcrumbs.

Each day I’ve been here, so too has she.  This is kind of surprising because I wasn’t going at the same time of day each time.  In any case, the ducks love her.  They see her roll up, and come from all around the port to get their feed on.  I figured I would get a shot of her standing at the edge of her kingdom.  Her loyal subjects swarming before her.

I did so using my 70-200mm f4, zoomed to 86mm. I shot at 1/400 of a second with an aperture of f5.6 and ISO 400.

I also want to note that I saw a duck and a seagull casually walking along the pier having a conversation.  I’m serious.  The duck was talking about something and they were just going for a stroll.

One thought on “February 20 – Jamie

  1. Ha. I can just imagine that duck and seagull talking. Like the 2 old dudes on the old TD Canada Trust commercials. “Open on Sundays?! … What will they think of next.” I like this shot cause I can hear the flapping wings and the cacophony of duck chatter.

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