Sparrow landing

Coming in for a landing

Chuck and I haven’t actually hung out in person since we started this project, so today we decided to head to Sunnybrook Park together to get some bird shots.  While we were hoping for a nice stroll, Toronto decided to host a class A kill storm today, with snow falling at a considerable rate, and roads becoming very disagreeable.

That didn’t stop us from going out, mind you.  It just really should have.  Learning my lesson from my last winter park stroll, I picked up a cheap little tripod stool that is nice and lightweight.  With that, I planted down by a pile of bird seed, sat my camera on a monopod, and played the waiting game. Sunnybrook birds are a lot more timid than High Park birds, so I had to sit still for a while as I waited for these guys to get close.

I decided to bring my older 80-200mm f2.8 lens with me, since I’m trying to sell it, and it couldn’t hurt to have a few recent sample shots to ensure it isn’t total garbage.  Luckily I was able to get a few shots with it that confirmed it is still in working order.  This one was zoomed all the way to 200, shooting at 1/2000 of a second with an f6.3 aperture, and ISO 800.  It was very cloudy and overcast today, and I wanted to both keep the shutter speed high, and widen my depth of field as much as possible to allow some buffer for the z axis movement of the birds.

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