Plane taking off under the sun

Blue skies! That’s what it’s all about!

Painfully frigid as the day may have been, it wasn’t without its sunlight.  While that can be best utilized with a heated room and a window, the outdoors are not without their merits.

Actually, that’s a lie. The outdoors are a horror show right now.  This country is evil, and since I spent the past decade holed up in my room for 98% of the day, the extra activity this year of trying to go out and take pictures on a daily basis has finally brought this horror to light. I’m choosing to live in a place that burns my face without the use of heat.

Well, here we are at the waterfront.  Across from the harbour centre is Toronto Island, home to nice parks, an airport, and a few residents that are no doubt blacklisted by Grocery Gateway.  While condos have erupted to block most of the water view from my office, there is still the odd sliver where you can see a plane taking off or landing. It’s nice to go down to the waters edge where nothing is in the way, and get a good look at the activity, minimal as it may be in the winter months.

I only noticed it now, but the frozen lake actually looks a lot like snowy ground with ski or snowmobile trails running across them.  That’s actually the path the ferry takes to get people to and from Toronto Island.  They’ve had a few mishaps of getting stuck in the ice this year.

I took this takeoff with my 24-70mm lens zoomed out to 28mm.  I shot at 1/200 of a second with an aperture of f16, and an ISO of 100.  The small aperture is what helps give the sun a nice starburst effect rather than being a glowy bright blob. If you want to get a starburst look from a light source in one of your shots, try stopping down to around f16 or so, and you should see similar results, though the pattern will differ depending on lens and how the aperture is structured.

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