Close up of zippers

Right this way, please.

I finally bit the bullet and got myself a new bag. I had been gushing over the Ona Camps Bay backpack for quite some time now.  It seemed like a perfect blend of function for me.  It could hold my laptop, a hefty amount of my gear, and it didn’t look like a camera bag. It screamed “I’m a hipster!” instead of “Steal me because I’m full of lots of expensive equipment”.

It also costs a poopload of money. That alone wasn’t really enough to scare me away, though. I figured if it’s built to last, it will be worth the price. That said, I wasn’t about to just drop that kind of coin on a product sight unseen. Unfortunately, only one place in Toronto seems to carry it, and they have been out of stock for a while.

In the end, this caused me to go with a Dakine Reload. Hefty, and industrial over stylish. However, Dakine, if recognized, tends to be known for lifestyle backpacks.  Urban, camping, snowboarding, and the like. That handles my “doesn’t look like a photo bag” criteria. It’s pretty huge, which can cause its own problems depending on environment (not rush hour friendly), but it should be able to work as a “fits all” kind of thing so I’m not wandering around with a laptop bag as well as a camera bag along with other photographic odds and ends stuffed into my clothing bag.

While sitting with it on my lap on the subway this week (You know, like a gentleman), I found myself looking at the three rows of zippers along the top and thinking “I want to do a close up shot of that”. So I did, and that’s what comes with today’s post.

Also I went in to Downtown Camera yesterday, the one out of stock carrier of the Ona bags, and sure enough, now they have Camps Bay backpack on sale… Ah well.

I got this lineup with my 90mm Macro lens.  I shot at 1/250 and f13, with an ISO of 100.  This allowed me to prop the bag on the dining room chair, and not have to worry about any ambient light in the room.  I then held a strobe roughly 45º behind the bag towards the camera.  I think it was around 1/32 power or so, since I was holding it so close.

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