Backpack fabric texture

So gentlemanly

Great as it was to get a new backpack that could finally carry both my photo gear and my laptop, it was quickly discovered that such bulk was not really subway friendly. With most of my transit time spent packed in with more people than is probably safe for a subway, this kind of extra girth is the kind of thing that would make everyone on the train hate me. I know this, because I hate anyone who does this passionately.

After careful thought and consideration, I set out to return the bag and go back to the drawing board.

As luck would have it, I came across a pile of lightweight laptop backpacks sitting in a corner somewhere. I won’t bore you with the details, but after some quick inquiries, the result that followed had me holding a nice lightweight laptop backpack, without breaking any laws or rules.

So this is it. February marks the point in my life where I finally develop an understanding of what the deal is with women and all those purses. I have my simple day to day work bag, my big tough travel bag, my small subtle out for a stroll bag, and hopefully that’s the last we will ever hear of this topic.

In order to make sure the new bag doesn’t feel left out, I got all close up with it as well, as I noticed it had neat patterns all over.

Similar to yesterday’s shot, this was with my 90mm macro, shooting 1/250 but at f18 this time, and ISO 100. Flash was at 1/32 power held by me to the left.  You’re welcome to guess what part it was.

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