Swan looking dope

Truly a magical beast. On the occasions when they don’t have poop on their beaks

My girlfriend and I are visiting her parents in Burlington this weekend, and I hauled more gear than I know what to do with along for the ride.  My main objective was to find some birds that would normally be too far away from me, and use my new insane-o-zoom to make it so said distance wouldn’t be a problem.

However, since Burlington wildlife is domestic as hell and knows humans are little more than food-beasts, “out of range” was a non issue.  Instead I had to struggle with zooming out enough to capture animals that kept wandering closer and closer.

The afternoon was rather busy though, so I haven’t had time to sort all of the shots yet.  Here is one that I liked from the initial round of sorting, though.  It’s your basic swan.  Hanging out.

I got this with a 150-600mm lens, zoomed in at 380mm.  I was shooting at 1/400 of a second and f8, with ISO 100.  I should have been shooting at a faster shutter speed due to it being birds, which are unpredictable, and because potentially zooming in to 600mm means mad shaking with my feeble little arms.

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