March 31 – Chuck

Tonight Vahida and I decided “Hey, lets do a little of everything” and then tried to cram everything into the evening. Since my bottle shot last night, I was itching to get some new flashes to make my life easier. I did a little research after I posted the bottle shot, and found the flashes […]

March 31 – Jamie

I like that there is one lone duck in this flock, as I imagine it thinking “Wait a minute, how did this happen? Where is everyone?” It reminds me of the times I’ve been walking down the street with people and I’ll get distracted. After being zoned out for however long something will come to […]

March 30 – Jamie

Though I will refrain from going around saying it, this first experience makes me believe that everyone should own a needle. Look at what you can do with it! When you are able to make beads of water at such a small controlled scale, they behave so much differently. They stick in places they should […]

March 30 – Chuck

Today I decided to try something a little more studio fancy and a lot more involved. I wanted to do a shot of a bottle, but my issue is that bottle shots are tough and I do not have the lighting to make it turn out proper. I decided that I would give it a […]

March 29 – Chuck

Today was practically spring cleaning day for Vahida and I. We have been wanting to take some time to do a nice big clean for a few weeks now, and today we decided would be the day. My mom at this stage is probably really excited at the thought of one of her children doing […]

March 29 – Jamie

My ongoing experimentation with water droplets/beads finally reached a point where I decided that I needed more precision. Spraying things, dabbing with a spoon, or even dropping with a syringe just wasn’t getting the result I was looking for. I want to try and get needle precision here. Thus, I need to get a needle. […]

March 28 – Chuck

  I decided that I was going to make today all about focus stacking. Seeing Jamie’s fantastic and colourful purple flower shot reminded me that it has been a while since I did anything with flowers. I decided that I needed to go out and buy me a beautiful, colourful flower and get a detailed […]

March 28 – Jamie

I seem to have a habit of picking laundry day as the best time to do a shoot with the studio/dinner table/sewing station/lauren’s office/laundry room. Lauren’s mom dropped off some flowers the other day, which immediately triggered my colourful opportunity alarm. I went into this wanting to do some more stuff with water droplets, but the application process […]

March 27 – Jamie

While I don’t often associate a squirrel with grace and poise, I have to give them credit where it’s due. Their ability to scamper up trees, bound across lawns, and jump across branches requires a nimble dexterity that deserves respect. This expectation of finesse also makes seeing a wet squirrel slowly stretch and struggle to […]