Orange tulip

Most of the things you see in this picture were done on purpose

I associate March with pleasing weather, and I have absolutely no idea where that ridiculous merge came about. I do know that it’s extremely inaccurate, though.  With all the shots I took yesterday having cold white backgrounds, I felt a need for something different, so I decided to play with flashes, and more importantly, flash modifiers.

I recently came into a cache of magnetized flash modifiers, which I have decided to refer to as Mag Mods. As the name suggests, they are magnetic, modifiers, but as a double whammy, a lot of them are also modular, so they can be combined for different results.

Light is the key resource for photography.  Bright light is handy.  Controlled light is even better.  Being able to shape light is the next step in that process, and allows you to make things happen in ways you want them to. After a few minutes of messing around, I can already see the potential in having that power over light, and look forward to using it on figure projects.

For this one though, I made use of two lights with a couple of basic modifications.  The flash on the left side had a honeycomb grid on it to reduce the spread of light.  This allowed me to illuminate the specific tulip without having falloff hit any of the others, the vase to the right, or most importantly, the background.  I then had another flash at half the power of the main, sitting to the right of the camera with a snoot on the end.  This allows me to focus the flash beam into a very small spotlight that went past the tulip and gave a nice spot glow on the background.

I look forward to what these modifiers will yield in coming shots. Especially in my apartment where it’s very easy for light to bounce around and illuminate things I might want dark.

I took this with my 90mm macro at 1/250 of a second with an aperture of f16. ISO was set to 100, and then I had the two strobes with a honeycomb and snoot attached.

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