Squirrel in its tree

You just know he’s got all kinds of cool stuff in there.

I’ve never put much thoughts into a squirrel’s nesting habits.  I assume it either steals a birds nest, digs an elaborate hole near York University, or… I dunno, some third thing. All I know is that they are discreet and aloof with their housing activity.

I have reason to believe I found one such domicile of these dour beasts, as this tree was just flush with squirrels. The wooden cup doth overfloweth, and all that…ith.

This guy was hanging out at the front door though, keeping an eye on me while the rest of his troop crawled around the tree all Mission Impossible styled. I figured I would eyeball him right back.  Only my eyeball was behind a big ol’ lens.

This was nabbed with my 150-600mm lens, zoomed all the way to 600mm. I was shooting at 1/250 of a second with an f8 aperture and ISO 100.  I am thankful for Vibration Reduction technology.

One thought on “March 2 – Jamie

  1. The light brings out the difference in texture between the silky fur and the rough bark

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