I was at a loss for what to take a shot of today, and debated posting one of the other bird shots that Jamie and I got the other weekend. Searching around the apartment I was coming up dry from the creative side of things, but after pacing around enough to annoy myself, I decided I would try something with an old sword I have. Back in my younger days when I was living in Nakina, Garret got me this sword for my birthday and even now I think it is pretty awesome. I have pitched to Vahida that we need to mount it on the wall, but so far she has yet to agree to that. Probably one of those “just do it, she will love it once she sees it” kind of thing.

This shot was tricky to do, mostly because I am not set up for it. I had to get the sword laying down on an angle, but have the steel levitated so as to not touch anything, while the light illuminates the edges. I also had to put a black cloth down because I couldn’t blow out the background just with light alone. From there,it was a trick to get the sword lit up, without causing any light to shine on the cloth. That didn’t really work and I had to do some fixes in post.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens at 70mm, shooting at 1/80, F16, with an ISO setting of 100. I think it was a sunny day for the most part, but this was taken at night and was a studio style shot where I used my flash.

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