Crafting up some magic

Crafting up some magic

My dad has become quite an enthusiast of remote controlled planes in his retired phase. Like many obsessions, it starts simple enough. A taste here, a bit of dabbling, and finally that question of “how far does this world go?”. What follows most often is coined as “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”. It’s something I’m no stranger to.

The back of my parents bedroom is now a mix of closet, sewing station, and hangar. Devices range from lightweight rigs that can be down indoors, to quad copters with built in stabilization software, to bombers with retractable landing gear.

Needless to say, I’ve never asked myself where my addictive personality comes from.

I remember an old Simpsons episode where Milhouse shows Bart his remote airplane, when Bart wants it to do flips, Milhouse responds with “Perfectly level flying is the supreme challenge of the scale model pilot.”

It turns out that statement is totally valid.  It’s tough keeping a smooth, controlled flight. What really caught me off guard though, was how relaxing it is. Just flying around in circles watching it get closer, then farther, then closer, then farther. It sounds boring, and looks boring, but when you’re actually doing it, it’s totally awesome.

I like how the back room looks now, a nice little decorative workshop. I decided to get a picture of my dad tinkering with a quad copter to keep a nice memory of it.

I used my 24-70mm lens on a tripod, zoomed all the way out to 24mm to capture as much as possible. I shot at 1/40 of a second with an f7.1 aperture, and ISO 1000. All in all I managed to get a pretty good balance of interior illumination without the light from outside being totally blown out.

One thought on “March 4 – Jamie

  1. This shot reminds me how much wood there is in the room. Must have been a special lens to capture the ceiling, floor and door frame.

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