Dog looking down the street

There’s something out there

My buddy Spencer has an adorable little dog named Bob Snow. He’s got a bit of delightful baggage and timidness to him, though it doesn’t hold a candle to the unadulterated craziness of my dogs.

Spencer had asked me to bring my camera the next time I was over, and take a few pictures of old Bobbo. I arrived just after the sun had set, so I  got him outside quickly to see what I could get. He’s an adorable little guy, but he was quite confused as to what I was doing, and why he needed to be involved.  I managed to get a few nice snaps of him, and he sat on the porch at one point looking as noble as he could.

All in all this one was my favourite.  Probably because it was different from all the others, as they all had his face, so this one mainly stood out as something different.

I took it with my 85mm lens, shooting at 1/80 and f2, with an ISO of 250.


One thought on “March 6 – Jamie

  1. I LOVE this one. You’ve captured a story in Bob’s body language. The big question is what does he see?

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