Two newborn goats

You’re never too young to headbutt


Lauren and I took a stroll through High Park today and went through the zoo. I thought it was closed during the winter, but it looks like they still keep a few of the animals out.  It was depressing as ever with kids screaming, and people sticking things that 2/3 of the time weren’t food through the fence for critters to sniff at. Most of the animals sat out to the back, facing away from the patrons.  Can’t say I blame them.

One section had a fairly large crowd clustered around it, as it turns out one of the Barbary Sheep had plopped out a few kids recently.  Like, super recently. They were still curious about their surroundings, and playing in the snow instead of saying “Why am I not in North Africa right now?”

I grabbed a shot of two of them playing with my 150-600mm lens, zoomed at 460mm with a 1/640 sec shutter speed and f8 aperture, at ISO 500.

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